The Bridge Community 2012  Welcome to The Bridge
  English Ministry of Daesung Presbyterian Church
  We invite you to worship our Living God with us!
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Sunday Worship at 11:00 A.M.
425 Tasman Dr.
Sunnyvale, CA 94089
Tel) 408-745-1177

*** announcement ***

  • Next Week's Worship Leader
    Presider: Deacon Jay Minami, Prayer: Tim Lee

  • Friday Night Gathering
    We will start Friday Night Gathering starting this week. It starts at 7PM in the small chapel.

  • Monthly Fellowship on 3/7 @ Elder Pak's Residence
    We have a special project. It will be fun. Please mark your calendar.

  • The Youth Group Lock in 3/20-21
    There will be a lot of fun. Please invite your friends.

  • Monthly Fellowship on 3/28 @ Deacon Kim's Residence
    We are really thankful for Deacon Kim to open their house for March Fellowship.

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